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Dana Loves Clubbing


  • Age 23
  • Measurements 36C / 118 pounds / 5’4”
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Nationality American

My name is Dana, and I’m lucky enough to be a Miami Backpage girl. Some of my friends told me about the fun they had meeting people, offering companionship, private entertainment and more – and I was instantly all about it. I’m a bubbly, outgoing person anyways, so this seemed liked a natural job for me – and I love every moment of it.

The Hot Dana

I love being the blonde girl amongst my group of friends and sometimes, I fit the cliché a little too much. This isn’t to say that I’m clueless, but I have had more than my share of blonde moments. I don’t take any of it too seriously, though. I love to laugh and have been told that I tend to have a naughty sense of humor, but no one seems to mind.

I work hard to keep my body in shape and this means going to the gym as well as spending time outside. I burn relatively easily, so I always have to put on plenty of sunscreen. Whenever I can, I go to a tanning salon to work on my tan the easy way and you will notice that I never have any tan lines. That’s the way I like it.

One of these days, I’m going to get a “real job” but I hate the idea of having to work for someone else. Right now, working as a Backpage escort definitely has its advantages – and that includes being able to set my own schedule. It’s absolutely amazing and I’m always up for meeting someone new and doing something exciting.

Miami Backpage Excitement

Perhaps the number one reason why I enjoy being a Miami escort is all of the excitement. I’m able to go out with men from all over the world, and enjoy the nightlife. I have lived in Miami and around South Florida almost my entire life. Being a Florida girl through and through, I know about all of the best clubs and bars throughout the area. I’m always happy to make recommendations based upon what a client wants to do.

Sometimes, the excitement heightens with bachelor parties, birthday parties, and more. There is nothing more thrilling than getting to be the entertainment – and I don’t have a pretty good show. As a Back Page Miami girl, my friends have shown me a few of their moves, and I have learned a few of my own, too. Many clients will book with me each time they are in the city, and that must mean I’m doing something right!

If you want to meet me and find out about the personal entertainment that I can provide, make the call now.

Blonde poses in string bikini and jean skirt. Blonde poses on the water in string bikini. Blonde squats down and shows off under her bikini bottoms. Blonde girl poses in string bikini to bare her backside.

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