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Celeste Is Wild As The Wind


  • Age 23
  • Measurements 34C / 118 pounds / 5’3”
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Nationality Latin

Being a Vegas Backpage girl is one of the most exciting things ever. I saw an ad one day and thought, “this would be perfect.” After all, I am confident with my looks, love to meet new people, and have always been told that I have an outgoing personality. I’m Celeste and cannot wait to spend some quality time with new people in Vegas.

A Bad Girl Named Celeste

Over the years, I gained a reputation for being a bad girl. I tried to be a good girl, I really did. But it didn’t work for me. I like to drink and swear, which isn’t the most lady like, but I make up for it with my desire to please. I love to wear lingerie and flaunt my curves whenever I can.

When out on dates, I like to go for the shock factor. What can I say or do when out with a client that will get his mouth to fall open? This is why I’m a bad girl. I like to do this kind of thing. I’m kind of a dominating force, and being a dominatrix is high on the top of my list for goals. I like to consider myself adventurous and will try just about anything at least once.

I’m fairly new to the Vegas scene. I’ve done some exploring, but I’m still getting used to where everything is and discovering where the best places to go are. When you want a girl who can explore the area with you, I’m it!

Heat Up the Night with a Las Vegas Escort

I love every aspect of being a Las Vegas escort Backpage has been great because I’m able to set my own hours. I’m available almost always and love to take good care of a man. I’ve got a lot of hidden talents and am capable of entertaining a crowd, too, which is ideal for a bachelor party. Anyone who wants private entertainment can count on me to provide it – and I’ve been told I’m very good at what I do.

There’s nothing better than teasing and tempting my way through a date. Men seem to enjoy it when I do this and if I’m being honest, I absolutely enjoy it, too. I couldn’t imagine not being an escort. Right now, it’s just what I want because it allows me to be in the company of men without having to commit to one. I’m not ready for a relationship, so in the meantime, I can provide countless hours of entertainment and fun for the right gentlemen.

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