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Cindi Is Sinfully Sexy


  • Age 28
  • Measurements 36DD / 133 pounds / 5’6”
  • Eye Color Blue
  • Nationality American

I’m Cindi and I’m all about having fun in Sin City. They don’t call it this for nothing, and being a temptress is half the fun of living in the city that I do. Being one of the Back Page Las Vegas girls allows me to tease and tempt the clients I meet and it’s exciting to be able to meet men from all over the globe who are here for business or for a vacation.

Gorgeous Back Page Las Vegas Girl, Cindi

Let me tell you a little bit about who I am. My name is Cindi and I’m a southern girl through and through. While I’d like to say that I’ve been in Vegas my whole life, it’s not true. I grew up in the Deep South and I still have my accent on most days. I’m a big fan of country music and I love to cook, too.

I’m a good girl that’s gone bad – or at least that’s what my friends say. They think they have corrupted me, but I was this way a long time ago. It’s fun for me to act crazy once in a while. I always enjoy going for the surprise factor, and this goes for when I’m out with clients, too. Sometimes I like to watch a man’s face light up when he realizes what I just whispered or when he finds out what I’m wearing (or not wearing). It’s all about living life in the moment and that sums me up pretty well.

Hot Times in Vegas

I love being in Vegas, and more importantly, I love being a Back Page Vegas girl as it allows me to be who I really am – a flirtatious blonde who wants nothing more than to show men a good time. There is something highly addictive about wanting to make a man smile and doing whatever it takes for that to happen.

Some say I have a special talent for erasing the stress out of a person. While I’d like to think that is my super power, I think it’s all about knowing how to read someone. I can usually tell what a person wants without them having to say a word, and this can make life so much easier sometimes.

Anyone who wants to have a good time in Vegas should call me. Don’t spend time when there’s a better option. I can be the companionship, the entertainment, and the fantasy that you have been craving. I’m available almost 24/7 through the week, so pick up the phone and call the Backpages to be able to meet me!

Sexy blonde girl poses in black lingerie on bed.
Blonde poses with a bra that is hanging off. Blonde sits on a table with a seductive look in lingerie. Blonde lies across the bed with high heels and a thong.

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