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Veronica Is Simply Beautiful


  • Age 24
  • Measurements 36DD / 128 pounds / 5’7”
  • Eye Color Brown
  • Nationality American

Sultry is the word that most people use to describe me. I love being one of the Vegas Back Pages girls and that’s because it allows me to meet so many incredible people throughout the year. My name is Veronica, and I adore being adored, and I have no problem being the center of attention. It happens so naturally and so often that I don’t even think about it in most instances.

Flirty Fun with Veronica

As a Backpage Las Vegas Escort, I am probably one of the least shy people you will ever meet. I am quite comfortable meeting strangers because I am such a sociable person. It’s very easy for me to talk to anyone, and, and ground can be found almost instantly. This means that many men who are generally shy will come around very quickly.

I’m all about having fun, and I moved to Vegas a few years ago to be able to have as much fun as I wanted to. I love going to all of the different casinos, and some of my best friends are showgirls. They have taught me some incredible moves, and I enjoy going to the various dance classes with them. It helps to keep my body lean, and it allows me to move in ways that excite my clients.

Life is all about having fun and if I can flirt my way through it, even better!

Excitement with Vegas Back Pages Girls

I’m always looking for new things to see and do, which is simple in Las Vegas. There is excitement around every corner. My clients have relied on me to be their arm candy wherever they go – and this includes various strip clubs and gentlemen’s clubs. I know many of the girls here, and this can lead to all sorts of crazy fun for me, the girls, and of course, my clients.

Many people are shocked to learn that I have quite the appetite. Most people wouldn’t guess it, but I am a huge foodie, and know some of the best restaurants to eat up and down The Strip for just about every ethnic cuisine that can be imagined.

An extremely adventurous, and this means that I’m always ready to do anything at least once – and multiple times if I really like it. This is usually what my clients want to hear, and they are always up for some of the adventures that I can plan out.

If you want to meet me and find out more about how I can keep you entertained in Las Vegas, contact me today.

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